Wallpaper Monday [387] - Red Sky / by Mutua Matheka

387_Red Sky_Blog.jpg

One of the most interesting things, architecturally anyway, about Stockholm, to me is the Subway stations. Most of them are art pieces and the Stockholm Subway is considered the longest art exhibition. This one to me looked like going down into a belly of something and the natural stone painted red was just like red clouds to me. Then the escalator coming down from ‘nowhere’ just made it all balanced.

Anyway, enjoy.

You can download the wallpaper in your desired size below.

That’s all for today. Have a fantastic week. Don’t let the cold steal your warmth and joy. Walk in a blanket if you have to. It’s what I do.

[Copyright 2019. This image is intended for the sole purpose of use as wallpaper for your phone or computer or tablet. Any other use is unauthorised without express permission of Mutua Matheka.]