Wallpaper Monday [385] - Addis / by Mutua Matheka


Somehow I find it odd that i’ve only been in Addis once, and that once was only last year 2018. I mean, Addis is just here, a stone throw away from Nairobi. That said though, i enjoyed my Addis visit and got to meet some amazing Addis photographers and shot the city.

I shot this image from the hotel rooftop where I was staying, just a little after the sun had set.

You can download the wallpaper in your desired size below.

Have an amazing week ahead. I hope someone shows you kindness and I hope you’re open to receive it when it happens.

[Copyright 2019. This image is intended for the sole purpose of use as wallpaper for your phone or computer or tablet. Any other use is unauthorised without express permission of Mutua Matheka.]