Wallpaper Monday [383] - Shompole / by Mutua Matheka


Have you guys ever been to Magadi? Probably, right? Now have you ever been beyond Magadi? I won’t lie, it’s not an easy trip with lots of info about it but if you brave it and go past Magadi it’s pretty beautiful. This is about an hour past Magadi headed toward the Tanzanian border (it’s the last town before the border) and it’s not even on Google maps.

I made a video in two parts of my adventure to Lake Natron via Shompole on my youtube. I’ll post the videos below so you watch if you wanna. Enjoy.

So anyway, on to the wallpaper.

That you can download in the links below depending on the size you want.

Have an amazing week ahead guys. If you sniff the rain in Nairobi, send it my way because i haven’t seen rain. 😭

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